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4 Reasons Why Customer Service is Critical to the Growth of your Business






Here is one way to repurpose your content. I totally forgot to do this and after posting this blog article 7 Ways to Repurpose your Blog Post.

Yvonne A. Jones from Online Business Success reminded me that I had been a featured Monday writer and guest blogger back in October 2010. Yet, I never posted the article on my blog site. Thank you Yvonne for the “nudge”

Listed below is the actual article.

4 Reasons Why Customer Service is Critical to the Growth of your Business


Why should we care about our customers? It is only one product that they brought from us. The reality is that the life-line of your business depends heavily on providing excellent customer service. The first interaction with the customer till the purchase of your service or product does not end. It’s not a one shot deal. Many internet marketers drop the ball when it comes to customer service. Do you follow up with your customer after the purchase and see what results thay are getting? How often do you keep in touch with your prospects and customers?

Listed below are 4 reasons why customer service important.

1) Customers will buy again and again when you provide excellent customer service

2) People want to feel special and so does your customers

3) Bad customer service- such as not returning calls or poor follow up. This can leave a negative impression and the customer will no longer purchase your product or service

4) Prospects and customers will refer you to their friends and family when they have a positive buying experience with you.

Always keep your customers in mind by servicing and touching base with them on a regular basis. This will ensure repeat business for the years to come.

What are some of the customer service skills that you have been implementing to ensure repeat business?

Happy Blogging!

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  1. Customer service is critical to our business as you stated because customers are really the lifeblood of our business, regardless of the type of business we’re in.

    I love that you say that customers want to feel special because that is key. We know how we feel when someone we’ve purchased something from acknowledges us and thanks us personally. Golden Rule Customer Service is unbeatable.
    Yvonne A Jones recently posted..Real-Time Schedule of Routine Tasks Important to Self-ManagementMy Profile

    coachjanelee Reply:


    Love the “Golden Rule Customer Service is Unbeatable”.

    When customers no longer feel special, they will take their business elsewhere.

    Jane :)

  2. Marty says:

    This is a subject I am quite passionate about. There have been times when I have experienced abysmal customer service from some large companies that spend an absolute fortune on advertising. It is almost as if they don’t care who they lose so long as they gain more customers. That must come to an end at some point.
    There is some evidence to suggest that a customer that makes a complaint and is then satisfied with the result is more likely to remain a customer than a customer that never needs to complain.
    Marty recently posted..Life is too shortMy Profile

    coachjanelee Reply:


    You make several important points.

    Large corporations sometime lose customers when they do not extend themselves when it comes to service. It comes to the question of quality versus quantity. Finding an equilibrium is key.

    Consumer complaint is a good thing by notifying company that they might have missed something.


  3. Repeat customers are critical to a business. Think about how much money companies would save in advertising dollars if they would treat customers right the first time. The money spent on attracting a customer is far higher than retaining one. I often wonder why customer service training isn’t a part of marketing dollars spent.
    Sherrie Koretke recently posted..Career Evolution DefinedMy Profile

    coachjanelee Reply:


    I agree with you that customer service training should be part of marketing dollars spent. Customer retention is critical yet many companies and corporations fail to see this.


  4. Such a very important subject for us all. We all rely on our customers. When they are happy with us they may tell one person. When they are unhappy with us they will tell many people.

    Even when something goes wrong or we get a complaint – it’s an ideal opportunity to go above and beyond expectations to sort the problem out. That way we can turn a disappointed customer into a raving fan.
    Heather Bestel recently posted..Happy Mother’s DayMy Profile

    coachjanelee Reply:


    The name of the game is having raving fans by going above and beyond for that customer. They will never forget you and tell all their friends and family to use your product and services.

    Thank you visitng our blogsite.


  5. This is an excellent reminder Jane, thank you!

    No matter what business we think we are in, we are really in the business of customer service and appreciation (okay we are also in the marketing business) and the ideas you reminded us of here are things we need to visit often.

    We need to do whatever it takes to add value to our customers and keep them engaged. This is what will ensure that we stay in business and that it grows!

    Thank you Jane!
    Helen Raptoplous recently posted..Become More Productive – Create A Victory LogMy Profile

    coachjanelee Reply:


    You are welcome. It’s all about building relationships when it comes to running any type of business. The customer can make or break you. So important to provide value to engage the customers.

    Thank you for stopping by.

    Jane :)

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