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Chasing After Bright Shining Objects

Last week on Sales Success Mindset radio show, we focused on the subject “Chasing After Bright Shining Objects”. As entrepreneurs, coaches, service professionals and home based business owners, we chase after numerous shiny objects which takes us away from the task at hand which is to grow our business. In fact we sabatoge ourselves when we take too many courses, and attend numerous of events . Time is money and if we divest most of our time into doing other activities, when do we actually have time to focus on our business. Bottom line is to turn prospects into customers and generating revenue to expand our business. Now, I am not saying not to take courses, seminars, workshops and attend conference. Focus on activities that will provide a return on investment, such as getting new clients, prospective joint venture partnerships and other opportunities.

Attached is the recording from the show. Click here

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  1. nela says:

    thanks a lot
    i think that you advice is very important i lost a lot of time by doing all other staff …. and stayed stuck into my place till i realized it!
    nela recently posted..Natural ways to increase concentration while working or studyingMy Profile

    coachjanelee Reply:

    Hi Nela:

    Thank you for visiting our blogsite. Yes, chasing too many bright shining objects can make us lose track of what is important with growing our business. Have a good day.

  2. Mike says:

    you described correctly the spin that goes around our head when we take on a task we set to complete. only higher understanding of the intention behind the did can make a true clear state of mind.
    Mike recently posted..How To Apply Loan Fast And EasyMy Profile

    coachjanelee Reply:


    Thanks for visiting our site. Good point with understanding our intentions. Staying focused and on the activities that will further grow our business.

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