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Customer Service and the Banking Industry/Institution

Recently, I posted a blog article titled:

The whole premise of this blog post was about providing excellent customer service which is imperative when it comes to growing your business. As solo-entrepreneurs, home based business, coaches and service professionals having customers/clients is the life line of our business. Happy and satified customers ensures repeat business. Without clients we have no business and therefore we generate no money/income.

In this blog post, we put institutions to the test. I was at the bank the other day trying to deposit a check and usually get a roll of quarters for the laundomat or for parking meters. The bank teller asked if I have a bankcard which I did not. I asked why? He stated that you can use the bankcard to deposit the check. Why was he telling me this which I thought was odd?

What ever happened to the level of customer service at all the banking institutions? Do they still interact with customers when they walking in the door? By saying- “Hello. How can we help you today?” or “Is there anything else you will be needing assistance with?”

Even when I first entered into the bank there was a reception area and the person was reading some document. Too busy to notice a customer walking by them. What kind of customer service was that? I hardly ever go to the bank and do mostly everything online as well as most of my shopping.

Maybe I am in New York City with so many people that getting personalized service is much hard these days.

Last month, I had to take my mom to the bank and the first thing the bank representative said “I am filling out this survey. Will you participate?” My mom had a question to ask. Then bank representative reiterate this is something the bank is doing and asked again for her participation. Are institutions and corporations listening to their customers before pushing their product or services. I can definitely understand that competition is stiff out there and banks are located at every street corner. If the customer service stinks or not up to snuff, then customers will take their business elsewhere.

As I am writing this blog post about customer service and sharing my experience with the banking industry. This article came out earlier this week. Guess what? Not surprising based on a survey conducted that the banking industry are ranked the worst when it comes to overall customer service. Listed below is the link to the article.

You are probably wondering so how does this apply to my business for I am not an institution like a bank or a corporation? Based on the lack of customer service with corporations and large industries. We know that customers/clients
like to be serviced and taken care of especially if they are giving you money for services rendered or buying a product. More people are shopping at the boutiques and stores where they get excellent customer service. Corporations and companies may think that it’s okay lose several customer because of the mass amount of people in their database. Yet, as solo-entrepreneurs, home based business, service professionals, and coaches losing just one customer is very costly for your business.

What do you think about all of this?

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  1. Jane:
    What you have absorbed is that most banks have no desire to interface with customers. It’s why bank tellers, which were among the fastest growing positions in the economy for 1970-1999, are no longer being hired full-time. Part-time, no benefit positions, with 1/2 the pay are the norm.
    Some banks charge for the “privilege” of human contact.
    It’s why the small, neighborhood banks have been growing customers.
    Roy A. Ackerman, PhD, EA recently posted..The IPAB- No- it’s NOT a new Apple Product!My Profile

    coachjanelee Reply:


    It is such a sad shame that small neighborhood banks that provide individualized and great customer service are being squeezed out by the commercial banks.

  2. Jane,

    The downhill trend of customer service could be discussed for hours! Here’s what I think. You are so right when preaching to small business owners to focus on customer service. It’s the one advantage we have and it doesn’t cost a tremendous amount of time or money. It’s a great return on investment!

    Sherrie Koretke recently posted..A Joyful Spark of WisdomMy Profile

    coachjanelee Reply:


    Yes, small business definitely have the upper hand versus larger institutions and companies when it comes to customer service. One just needs to pick up the phone and contact the client/customer and thank them or find out how they are doing. The ROI for that simple activity pay huge dividends over and over again.

  3. Larissa says:

    Hello Jane,
    I’m completely agree with you. Good customer service is one of the most important things a business should have. Me as a customer will never go back to buy something or get a certain service in a place where I felt like I wasn’t treated right.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Larissa recently posted..What is a manicureMy Profile

    coachjanelee Reply:


    You are welcome. Now, more than ever customer service plays an important role to ensuring repeat business and keeping customers happy and satisfied.

  4. Janna says:

    The downhill pattern of customer support could be discussed for hours! Here’s what I believe. You are so right when preaching to little business owners to concentrate on consumer service. It is the one benefit we have and it doesn’t price a tremendous quantity of time or money. It is a excellent return on investment!
    Janna recently posted..How To Get Rid Of Man BoobsMy Profile

    coachjanelee Reply:


    Providing excellent customer service will definitely differentiate the small business versus companies and corportaion. Thank you for visiting our blogsite.


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