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How to Download Kindle eBooks without a Kindle


Alright, I have to admit that I am not an early adopter when it comes to purchasing new gadgets and gizmos. My life is so simple that I use a PC, basic cell phone and legal pad to run my business. Yes, I do not have an ipad, ipod or even a kindle and I certainly can live without these advance technology tools. I still send out notecards, and letters via the snail mail method.

As a marketing and sales coach, I am always reviewing magazines, newspapers, taking classes and reading books on business development, entrepreneurship, sales and marketing. Came across a posting on Facebook regarding Kathleen Gage’s Kindle e-book 101 Ways to Get Your Foot in the Door
and I wanted to purchase this product. Alway be on top of the latest information in your area of expertise. There was only one problem- I am not an owner of a Kindle. Does this mean that I have to purchase a brand new Kindle inorder to get acces to this e-book? Not necessarily.

Amazon, is definitely on top of things. There is a free reading application to download for PC, MAC, iphone, ipad, BlackBerry, or Android Phone. Once an ebook is purchase, it get sent. How cool is that? Click —-> Get Your Free Kindle Reading Apps 

Pretty impressive! Did not even consider purchasing a Kindle. Now, it is on my wishlist. Upload a bunch of ebooks for a fraction of the cost of purchasing the hardcover or paperback. No need to carry 5 or more books physicially. My back and neck definitely Thanks You Amazon.

Do you have a Kindle? Share with us what your experience has been. Don’t have a Kindle yet and planning to get one? What prompted you to consider getting a Kindle?

Happy Blogging!

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  1. Hi Jane!

    Sorry to say I downloaded the Kindle for PC from Amazon back in February and have had a lot of grief with it. I have yet to be able to use the software. And this is pretty uncanny — less than 10 minutes ago I contacted Amazon support to see if they can help. I keep getting a message that says Amazon “doesn’t have a Kindle device” registered with my account. Sheesh. Let’s hope they get back to me and get this issue resolved.

    I’m like you. I don’t buy all the latest and greatest electronic items. So I got all excited about the Kindle for PC. That is, till I tried to use it. :(

    Keep your fingers crossed for me and say a little prayer. I’m anxious to get a copy of Kathleen’s book!
    Melanie Kissell recently posted..The Agony and Victory of TaglinesMy Profile

    coachjanelee Reply:


    Sorry to hear about the experiences that you have with the reader application for your PC. Is there anyway to delete the software and download it again? It be awful if you bought all these ebook and not able to get access to it.

    That is odd with Amazon support. They should be on top of this since so many people do not have kindles and are using the reader.

    Crossing my fingers and hope all is resolved soon.


  2. Hi Jane
    Interesting post. I dont have a kindle, though I have the capability of reading e books on my iphone.
    Even though its extra weight, I still like my paper based books.
    Would be interested to read any other comments

    coachjanelee Reply:


    You are definitely a step ahead of me when it comes to the techie stuff. Glad you have an iphone and read ebooks via that channel. Still on PC mode.


  3. Hajra says:

    I ain’t a gadget slave myself, I don’t have a kindle and I don’t know whether I will. My sister has one and she is thoroughly enjoying the experience.
    Hajra recently posted..Fun Friday Pictures!My Profile

    coachjanelee Reply:


    I hear you and sticking with the PC method of getting things done. Gets too complicated with keeping track of all these gizmos.


  4. Lynn Brown says:

    Thanks Jane for the information on the Amazon app. I was all fired up to click and get it right away — then I was stopped in my tracks when I read what Melanie is going through. I think technology is moving so fast these days, it is hard for even Amazon to keep up with it all.

    I love ordering books (yes, hard cover) from Amazon – nothing like a brand new book. I love seeing my books on my bookshelf too! But I must admit, I have been considering upgrading my cell phone to the Android.

    Appreciate you sharing this information Jane —
    Lynn Brown recently posted..Use LinkedIn to Find Collaborative Partners to Keep Your Pipelines FullMy Profile

    coachjanelee Reply:


    Thanks for dropping by. It takes a while to catch up to speed with all the advance technology.

    Yes, it is a great feeling to open up a box with a brand new book at hand.


  5. Diana Simon says:

    Hi Jane, I don’t have a Kindle either but I have the Kindle for the PC and also for the iPad. I think that’s enough Kindle apps to keep me happy :) Honestly, I prefer reading physical books. I just love the feel of turning pages. Call me old-fashion! The main reason why I have Kindle is portability. It’s a challenge to carry 10 books around, but with the Kindle, that resolves the problem :)
    Diana Simon recently posted..Blogging for Beginners- Friday FavsMy Profile

    coachjanelee Reply:


    Glad to hear that you also have the Kindle for PC. Like you I still prefer having a physical book at hand. Thanks for stopping by.


  6. Mike Griffin says:

    I love using the Kindle app on my Android phone. I also own a Kindle but find myself using it less and less because everything is also on my phone and I have my phone with me eveywhere. So if I am waiting somewhere or even stuck in traffic I pull out the phone and knock off a chapter or two.
    Mike Griffin recently posted..Louisville Social Media MarketingMy Profile

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